Next Workshop: June 12-13, 2021

  • Registration fee:

                                - Medical Students:              Early Bird: $430       

                                - Residents and fellows:      Early Bird: $550       

                                - Non-trainees:                     Early Bird: $675       



- Longitudinal analysis with NIS: TRENDWT files ,ICD-9/10 codes adjustments, how to use a standard population to control for temporal changes across the years, how to account for inflation over the years using the consumer price index, how to generate trend p values, how to compare two trends over the years (interaction term use in regression analysis)

- How to use multiple imputation to account for missing data
- How to use propensity matching to account for confounders
- How to do survival analysis, Kaplan-Myers curves and cox regression analysis
- How to cheat STATA and shorten the databases to make calculations faster without losing accuracy
- How to use do loops to execute a set of programs over multiple years automatically
- How to change hospital charges to hospital costs, calculate hospital volumes and find the most common diagnoses in a study population
- How to append databases: pointers and pitfalls
- How to use Poisson regression and the log conversion regression for LOS and total costs and charges
- How to use the hospital readmission database (NRD): what are the limitations and assumptions in the database, how to write the do loops to calculate readmission, what are the different definitions of readmissions, how to calculate 30-day mortality, and how to calculate time to readmission for time-to-event analysis, how to perform 12-month follow up for individual patients.  

- All the above commands will be in do files that are ready to use. In addition, we will go over the complete do file of a research project based on NRD and that has been recently published in Gastroenterology, the number one GI journal in the USA by impact factor: 

Abougergi MS, Peluso H, Saltzman JR. Thirty-Day Readmission Among Patients With Non-Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage and Effects on Outcomes. Gastroenterology 2018 ;155:38-46

  • Participants should bring: a laptop computer for the hands on sessions

                                                             - STATA access is provided for Windows based and Mac computers

                             for the workshop schedule

  • Curriculum: The following topics will be covered during the workshop. A STATA do file is provided for every topic to make execution be as easy as a copy and paste maneuver:

During this workshop, advanced topics in statistics and NIS, NEDS and NRD are presented. Therefore, having attended the Catalyst Large Database Analysis Research Workshop is a pre-requisite for registeration

  • Workshop reviews:  


Below are spontaneous unsolicited reviews for the Advanced Catalyst workshop: 

  • The workshop registration fee includes the following:  

                      - Access to all the lectures and hands-on sessions for 2 days

                      - 16 AMA category 1 CME credits

                      - The complete STATA program (do file) of an already published article using NRD

                      - Free access to STATA for the duration of the workshop

                      - All lectures, hands-on sessions handouts and extra material  as well as ready to use STATA do files for                          the commands used to download and keep

                      - Complimentary access to ThinkBig, the private online large database analysis research community

  • COVID19 Precautions: all participants will be asked to wear a mask and will be seated 6 feet away from each other. Each ten participants will be located in a seperate conference room to comply with the city and State mandates. The didactic part will be given live through zoom simultaneously in all conference rooms.

"Dear Marc,

I cannot express in words how awesome the advanced workshops was. I am so glad that I attended it. You did a great job of simplifying and explaining everything so well. I think it is a great achievement that you were able to get across so much in so little time, and also keeping us involved in the process at all times. I have highly recommended it to several colleagues and they will be attending the upcoming workshops." Akshay Goel, MD



  • Database:  National Inpatient Sample (NIS) and National Rreadmission Database  (NRD)

                                           - Largest inpatient and readmission databases in the United States, respectively

  • Sites:  

                                - Waye State University, Detroit, MI

                                - Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

                                - John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County in Chicago, IL

                                - Trihealth Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH


  • Date:  Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13, 2021 from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

  • Software:  STATA

                                           - Free access to STATA for the duration of the workshop

                                           - Discounted STATA licences for residents and students after the workshop                      

" The Advanced Catalyst Workshop definitely changed my life! You told us during the workshop that it will bring so much joy and excitement. It is very true!" Yichen Wang, MD 


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" Thank you for an amazing Advanced Catalyst Workshop!" Irfan Shafi, MD 


" Thank You Marc for the excellent Advanced Catalyst workshop last weekend. I learnt a lot of things and the course helped me understand lots of concepts. " Karthik Reddy, MD 

" I  can't thank you enough for what you have taught us during the advanced workshop. You are doing incredible work by transferring these skills to future researchers. Please keep up this excellent work!" Moddasir Ashraf, MD

" The Advanced Catalyst workshop was a game changer for me! Thanks to what I learned from the workshop I have gotten oral presentations and papers in high impact journals.  I will always be indebted to you and the Advanced Catalyst workshop !!! " Monil Majmundar, MD