Next Workshop: March 12-13, 2020

  • Curriculum:

  • Participants should bring: a laptop computer for the hands on sessions

                                                             - STATA access is provided for Windows based and Mac computers

                             for the workshop schedule

  • Registration fee:

         - No web payment needed for the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Medicine resident in Clinician

           Researcher Track 

        - For Robert Wood Johnson Medical School affiliates: 

                                 - Medical Students:              $376

                                 - Residents and fellows:      $491       

                                 - Non-trainees:                     $626

            - For participants not affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School: 

                                     - Medical Students:              $399

                                     - Residents and fellows:      $514      

                                     - Non-trainees:                     $649

             - Registration will be open for participants not affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 

               if seats are stil available after February 15, 2020


  • The workshop registration fee includes the following:   

                      - Access to all the lectures and hands-on sessions for 2 days

                      - 16 AMA category 1 CME credits

                      - The complete STATA program (do file) of an already published article using NIS

                      - Free access to STATA for the duration of the workshop

                      - Free access to the NIS and NEDS databases for the duration of the workshop

                      - A USB flash drive that includes all lectures, hands-on sessions handouts and extra material                                             as well as ready to use STATA do files for the commands used

                      - A binder with all the lecture handouts and hands-on sessions handouts for note taking

                      - An attendance certificate

                     - Complimentary access to ThinkBig, the private online large database analysis research community 


Therotical part: 

The theoretical part is a series of interactive lectures during which the statisitcal knowledge and scientific principles needed to conduct large database analysis research will presented. The topics covered are: 

  1. Overvue of Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) and Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS):             - Understanding stratified sampling                                                                                                                                                                             -  NIS and NEDS data elements collected  
  2. Type of studies that can be conducted using NIS/NEDS
  3. Type of studies that cannot be conducted using NIS/NEDS                              
  4. In depth look at the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes and their correct use                                                                         
  5. Hypothesis testing, p-values and confidence intervals
  6. Confounders and ways to adjust for them
  7. Linear regression (univariate and multivariate)           
  8. Logistic regression (univariate and multivariate
  9. Multivariate analysis model building

  • Basic statistics: mean, proportions, incidence, prevalance, etc...   : This is an optional online lecture that will be available to  participants 2 weeks prior to the workshop. It is highly recommended for participants with limited biostatistics knowledge                                                  

Hands-on part:

During the hands-on part, participants practice all steps involved in large database research:

 - locating NIS online and ordering it

 - Installing NIS on the computer

 - Using the most common STATA commands and do loops:

  • Creating new variables 
  • Deleting and modifying variables
  • Using STATA do loops to define the patient cohort and exposure of interest using ICD-9 codes
  • Using STATS do loops to calculate time from admission to a procedure
  • Calculating totals, means for continuous variables
  • Calculating proportions for dichotomous variables
  • Calculating p-values
  • Adjusting for confounders using linear and logistic regressions

- Participants will also go over the do file of an already published research article step by step to practice all parts of writing a STATA program for a complete research project

  • Workshop Reviews:

Below are quotes from spontaneous unsolicited emails we have received from participants after the most recent Catalyst Large Database Analysis Research Workshop in New York 2018:


  • "Attending the basic workshop was one of the best and most useful learning experiences of my life. I eagerly look forward to attending the advanced workshop." Akshay Goel, MD
  • "Thank you so much, Marc and Heather, the past weekend is the best one I have ever had since starting my residency. Very exciting intellectually" Si Li, MD
  • "Thank you so much for giving this workshop, it has helped me beyond what words can express." Eric Then, MD
  • "It was a great experience learning NIS and STATA last weekend. It is definitely once of the best workshops I have ever attended." Anil Kumar, MD
  • "I attended this weekend's workshop in NYC and I just wanted to say that it was a really wonderful experience and I learned so much. You and your wife were great teachers and it was a pleasure to work with you both." Alana Persaud, MD
  • "Dear Marc and Heather, thanks for the superb workshop in NYC a few weeks ago" Majid Shafiq, MD
  • " I never got a chance to thank you for your immense help. I am already working on 2 projects simultaneously. I will definitely update you about my progress. Thank you." Birendra Amgai, MD
  • "Thank you for an enlightening workshop. Will love to associate with you in research endeavors" Raj Bhadra MD
  • "Thank you for the wonderful basic workshop!" Ramya Patel, MD
  • "Thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful workshop. I have learned a lot! " Xiuhong Lyu, MD
  • "It was a great experience attending the workshop! I leaned a powerful tool to start my research!" Duo Jin, MD
  • "I thouroughly enjoyed the workshop and I found it very useful" Chika Okafor, MD
  • "Thank you for an amazing experience this weekend, I really enjoyed the workshop" Miguel Salazar, MD


  • Database:  Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) and National Emergency Department Sample (NEDS)

                                           - Largest inpatient and ED databases in the United States, respectively

                                           - Free access to NIS and NEDS for the duration of the workshop

                                           - Free access to NIS and NEDS databases for participants after the workshop

  • Software:  STATA

                                           - Free access to STATA for the duration of the workshop

                                           - Discounted STATA licences for residents and students after the workshop                      

This workshop has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 related public health measures at Rutgers University  

This workshop has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 related public health measures at Rutgers University  

   Location: Rutgers Institute for Health, Room 120

                                 112 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 0890

   Date: Thursday March 12 and Friday March 13 , 2020 from 8 AM to 5:30 PM

This workshop has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 related public health measures at Rutgers University